What to see

What to see

The Etruscan city of Adria and the surrounding countryside

The town of Adria, whose origins date back to VI B.C., is located in the province of Rovigo in the Veneto region. The Albergo Minuetto is in the historical centre of Adria, in the Chieppara district. It is within easy walking distance of the main monuments of the town, the Cathedral, which dates back to the VII-VIII century, built on the remains of an early Christian church of the VI century, the Theatre, the Museo Archeologico Nazionale (National Archeological Museum) and the Basilica of S. Maria Assunta (only 100 metres from the hotel). In addition, Adria is strategically placed for visiting cities of charm and culture such as Venice and Chioggia, Padua, Ferrara, Ravenna and Verona. In addition to visiting the town to soak up its history and culture and admire the beauty of its historic centre, the area offers opportunities for many outdoor activities. The Po Delta, with its Regional Park and the Adriatic sea, is only 30-40 km away. Bicycle enthusiasts will enjoy the cycling paths along the banks of the river Po and the varied avian population will delight birdwatchers.

Adria International Raceway

The well-known autodrome is only 10 km from the hotel. An impressive 2,702 km (1,679 mi) in length, it has hosted the FIA GT Championship since 2006, the Italian Formula 3 championships, the Formula 3 Euroseries and the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters.

Etruscan Museum

The National Archeological Museum in Via Giacomo Badini, inaugurated in 1961, is at walking distance from the hotel. The Museum hosts the Bocchi collection of artefacts regarding the history of the area and exhibits ranging from the Etruscan period through pre-Roman and Roman times to the Medieval.

The Po Delta Park

The Po Delta Park, Veneto Region, in the province of Rovigo, is one of Italy’s most impressive natural oasis and the most extensive area of wetlands in Europe. The ‘gentle giant’, as the river Po is often called, branches out into five main waterways before flowing into the Adriatic, creating unique natural environments. The wildest, the Po di Maistra, offers the possibility of visiting the flood plain of Ca’ Pisani to admire the wildlife there, while the scenery along the main waterway, the Po Grande or Po Venezia, is enriched by islands and reed marshes.